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Category: Courses & Qualifications

Jan 03
A Time for Change: CBT & Hypnotherapy

Dental anxiety affects upto 50% of the UK adult population. As such, anxiety managment is a routine challenge dentists face and one we should be well equipped to manage. Patients with significant anxiety are often managed using concious sedation. However, in this article, Dr Munir Ravalia discusses the non-pharmacological alternatives to consider when treating this cohort of patients.

Nov 14
A Career In Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry involves the placement of dental implants in the jaw bone to replace missing teeth. In the this article, Dr Ferhan Ahmed discusses how to develop your career as an Implant Dentist

Oct 19
Orthodontics in General Practice

Orthodontics is an ever popular and in demand field of dentistry. Traditionally seen as a specialist only practice, it is becoming ever popular amongst general practitioners, seeking to both facilitate minimally invasive treatment and ultimately deliver the highest standard of care for their patients. In this article, Dr Tif Qureshi discusses his career pathway, followed by the developing trend of orthodontics in general practice and how it can be incorporated into the armamentarium of the GDP.

Jan 16
Cosmetic Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is the non surgical treatment of fine lines/wrinkles and folds. It normally consists of injectables, whether this be Botulinum Toxin or Dermal Fillers. In this article, Dr Harry Singh discusses the developing trend of facial aesthetics and how it can be incorporated into the practice of dentistry.