Covid-19 has raised many questions and uncertainties for the dental profession. Over the next few weeks, Shoaib Khan of Alexander & Co Chartered Accountants, will be outlining the financial implications of Covid-19 for dental professionals, with advice on how to navigate these challenges.

In the first article of the series, Shoaib will discuss the assistance available for self-employed dental professionals affected by Covid-19.

Keep an eye out for future articles with more expert advice on how you can tackle the financial consequences of Covid-19.

How we can help

Alexander and Co offer a full range of accountancy and tax services, including assistance in preparing and submitting your 2018/19 tax return, calculating your future tax liabilities to assist in you planning your income tax payments, as well as preparing forecast income statements to support any finance applications. For individuals that believe they are eligible for the scheme and have not been invited, we are able to check eligibility on their behalf. Please get in touch with one of our experts in the Dental team:



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